“Beat Love Oracle: Navigating Uncharted Musical Territories”

"Exploring the Musical Odyssey of Beat Love Oracle"

“Beat Love Oracle is a quartet with above-average testosterone levels, cultivating energetic 20th-century jazz. Formed four years ago in Ghent, this quartet consists of seasoned musicians who have seen and heard it all, and together, they’ve decided to forge their own path. With humorous twists and turns, they aim to avoid well-trodden paths and steer clear of worn-out clichés. The band doesn’t adhere to musical dogmas or any boundaries; they fearlessly explore electronic effects and kaleidoscopic improvisations. Beat Love Oracle takes its audience on a safari through wild musical landscapes, where only a few dare to wander. Travelers may encounter unexpected encounters with music genres transformed into the unknown. Among other things, Beat Love Oracle attempts to answer Frank Zappa’s enduring question, ‘Does humor belong to music?’ Perhaps this becomes clearer after a BLO concert.

Frank NUYTS: marimba, keyboards

Frank is the driving force and generator of the ensemble, an tireless creator and innovator. He graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in chamber music and percussion, and then studied composition at the Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music Institute in Ghent under the guidance of Lucien Goethals. Since then, he has composed five symphonies, 24 piano sonatas, a street opera, a marimba concerto, and more. With these achievements, he has risen to become one of Belgium’s prominent contemporary composers, receiving numerous awards over 40 years. Frank is a musical conceptualist who acknowledges that boundless curiosity is both his “virtue and curse.” Music is a gateway to the unknown, but the key is unlikely to be hidden under the mat. At least, Anton Webern, John Cage, and other “new music” pioneers didn’t believe it. Frank also believes that music hides in every manifestation of life, in every unnoticed detail. Music is everywhere, all the time. It must be noticed, gathered, simmered in a large pot, and carefully filtered. Best served live.

Frank DEBRUYNE: saxophones, synthesizer

Frank 2 is a sought-after musician both in the studio and on stage, enjoying success in internationally renowned collectives, including The Concord Jazz Ensemble, where he stood alongside Toots Thielemans as a frontman. He has toured and recorded with Belgian pop divas (Jo Lemaire, Héloise) as well as the national symphony orchestra. Frank graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and has taught at the Waregem Music, Theater, and Dance Academy. In addition to the saxophone, he plays flutes and whistles, and in BLO, he contributes to composition.

Frank D

Stijn DELDAELE: bass guitar, effects

Stijn is the youngest member of the band, but still a steadfast support and great authority. As a bassist who navigates various musical styles, he has participated in various ensembles, from folk to rock, but Beat Love Oracle has come and stayed. Stijn’s hobby is to repair, improve, and build bass guitars for himself and others. With his mechanical skills alongside his musical education, he excels in this. One sleek custom-made beauty is crafted especially for performing BLO’s music.

Ronald DHAENE: drums

Ronald enjoys a successful career as a freelance drummer, as he has mastered the art of percussion performance in both classical and jazz at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels and Ghent. Now, he teaches both disciplines at various academies as time allows. The free time freed up from teaching and a busy schedule as a performing musician is spent producing music of various kinds in his personal home studio.”

Ronald D

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