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You mean that second CD, right? I thought it was great, my first idea was that it was like some kind of jazz session of Kraftwerk where they took off their plastron and undid the top button of their shirt on a Sunday evening and just made music for themselves to get out of their permanent cage lined with lasers are going to get lost, so I'm glad they didn't make it and that I know the man who can put stories into music that may be unclear to many people, but that I can relate to.
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Nelis Claessens
In Turning the Table the musicians put all their assets on the table: drive, virtuosity, idiosyncrasy but above all great fun. Zappa listens approvingly, but this unique quartet also aims for the future. It is not without reason that the word 'oracle' is in the group name. There was no room for humor there anymore, but there was on stage!
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The coup de coeur for Aalst
Turning The Tables is a nice CD, Frank. It won't win you any Mias or a place in the charts, but masterful craftsmanship like this should give the greatest satisfaction. Fri gr Hec
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From Hec Leemans, illustrator of FC de Kampioen

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